Marc and Kaori

Marc and Kaori by S Migol
Marc and Kaori, a photo by S Migol on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
On January 26, 2013, we went to visit Marc, Kaori, and Kylie at their place. After lunch we got some pictures.

I had the chance to shoot digital, 135, and 120 film.

Here's the 120 as shot with the Pentax 67 camera using the SMC Pentax 67 1: 2.4 105mm. Settings were sync speed and F4.5.

Shot on Fujifilm Acros 100 ISO 120. Developed by Keeble and Schucat. I scanned it by shooting with a Pentax K10D with the SMC PENTAX-DA 1:2.8 35mm Macro Limited lens. PP with LR3 to reverse the curve and do touchup to remove dust.

This was the first time I shot 100 ISO on the 67 camera. Great detail and super fine grain. The grain that is visible in these shots is a digital grain. I expect that if I got closer and stitched the image together it would show even more detail.

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