A photo session on April 7 2013 for the Yamawaki family
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On April 7, I met with Jamie and Maki to take some photos before they had their second child.  It was the first time in a while where I was able to do a full session and exercise my skills.  I was also able to use some film in addition to the digital that I normally shoot.

I brought two Pentax K10D bodies and the smc P-DA* 16-50mm F2.8 ED/AL (IF) SDM and smc P-DA* 50-135mm F2.8 ED (IF) SDM lenses.  I also brought the Pentax LX loaded with an old roll of Konica 100 ISO reversal film with the Super-Takumar 85mm F1.9 M42.  Lastly, I brought a Pentax 67 loaded with Fujichrome Provia RDF and the SMC Pentax 67 105mm f2.4 lens.  I packed the 30 inch and 45 inch umbrellas with stands and my four AF 540 FGZ flashes with gels.

I brought nearly everything, essentially.

The photoshoot went well with only a few major issues.  The standard focus issues of not paying attention to getting everyone in the proper zone or loose framing were acceptable to a point.  There was some problems with a sidelit shot where I wanted more light than I had and in realized too late that I needed more fill.