Film Developing at Home

I've been busy the last month with my niece staying for several weeks.  There were lots of chances to be tourist and see things that we normally don't have on our list of stuff to do.

I've also been working with Dan Wright to learn how to develop film at home.  We're only using black and white process (no C41 or E6).  He swears by Xtol 1:1 and so we've been using it.  He brings the chemicals over and I've learned how to put the film on the rollers, measure the mix, and work the magic.

Dan's been nice enough to loan his Epson V700 scanner for the extended time as well so that I can scan the film into the computer.  Over the last several weeks, I've learned how to get decent results from the files it generates. Eventually, I'll rescan the Calstar pictures and process them.