Left the car unlocked and my toolbox with scopestuff was taken overnight.

They made away with a 41mm Panoptic, 40mm Scopetronix Maxview (2inch version), 3-6mm Nagler Zoom, a spare Losmandy Gemini motor, IDAS HEUIB II 52mm filter, IDAS LPS P2 48mm filter, metric hex set, a baggie of half-height 6mm nuts, plus my supply of 6mm and 1/4-20 socket head screws.  I had a backup stash of lithium coin batteries plus a bunch of dead 9V.  A wood-inlaid compass was also in the box as well as the tiny set of hex wrenches for aligning the reticle for the Losmandy polar scope. 

And my nice LED red flashlight.


Surprisingly, they didn't take the 50' extension cord nor the two sets of binoculars they had to move to take the toolbox.

Likely they'd get just a few bucks from the fence for the whole kit.  It's a shame, really.  I'll be looking into what coverage the insurances might have.

Rather annoying as I had been considering selling the eyepieces as I don't do visual except on outreach nights.  Also, I was hoping to do some maintenance on the scope this week as a followup to the work I'd done last week.