Reciprocity Failure

Researching some of the NIR films available.  Specifically looking at the Rollei series since Freestyle has a discount on them at the moment.  Some discussion online suggests that the reciprocity failure of these Rollei IR films would be like the APX branded ones, so it puts 600 second metered exposures at 3 stops up - or one hour duration.

Here's a graphic that was referenced on flickr.  Even though it's not my graphic, I wanted to reference it here for my own notes as well as do a little cross promotion.

Schwarzschild effect compensation of different photographic films (ADOX, AGFA, FOMA, ILFORD, FUJI, KODAK) - V3.2
Interesting how the TriX and TMax have different curves.  I guess that my interest in doing flatness testing of the scope at full frame on TriX will be a weak experiment.  Still worth trying.