Camera Repair

Problems never cease! 

In working to solve the issue with the trailing as noted on an earlier post, I set up the gear in the back yard and waited for some dark, clear skies.  In waiting, I set up the camera to record darks.

Unfortunately, during these 2 nights of waiting, a piece of the flocking material dislodged and wedged against the shutter, preventing it from opening.  Not an issue for darks, but it meant that the electronics to open the shutter are dead.

The mirror flaps up and down, but the shutter remains closed, no matter the setting. 

There's not enough time to get the camera repaired before GSSP.  Thus, I've done the drastic step of putting a dab of hot glue on the retracted shutter to fix it into the open position.

It works now.  Since the timing of the exposure is now set by the mirror position, short exposures are extremely limited in their ability to properly expose.  Taking flats requires reducing the light level vs changing the shutter speed.

First tests seem to work OK.  The dragging issue is not seen, so it appears that the problem was due to snagged cables.