GM8 No Longer Goto

I removed the Gemini 1 electronics from the GM8 mount and now it's a simple push-to GEM.

I had to adjust the RA gear mesh and tighten the motor to worm attachment.  Everything is working smoothly now.  I've also removed the 3-point rings on the Orion ST80 in favor of solid rings.  They grip nicely and there's no slop.

There's a new SSAG in the mix (old style).  I did the same maintenance that I'd done to my earlier SSAG; removed the t-thread plate and hot glue the edge of the circuit board to the frame.  This removes any possible flex within the camera.

I'd done some work on the ST80 as well.  I removed the lens cell and blackened the edges of the lens with a sharpie.  I'd also over-tightened the lens cell and there seemed to be some pinched optics.  Also, instead of using a UV-IR filter, I'd opted for a yellow filter!  I've been very pleased with the star images and how well the focus can be made.

With all the work, I set up the mount to track Vega/Lyra.  Note the scatterplot.  The horizontal band is RA and shows the range of the periodic error.  I did turn on PEC training.