Lagoon and Trifid at MBOSP

Last night was another great evening at Montebello.

We were missing a few critical team members but soldiered on.  Casey brought a bunch of food and a table and there was a lot of chattering happening. 

I finished up the roll of E200 leftover from GSSP, so that's going off to the lab today.

The digital project was a tight crop of M8 and M20 in the same field of view.  Managed to get 9 good frames.  Quick calibration with 11 darks, 24 flats, and 64 bias in Maxim and Kappa Sigma Clipping stack of 90% in DSS gives this view "autostretched" in PI.

Yep, that's a good set of data.  I hope to add another 9 frames before the weekend is done.