Cable and Power Setup with QSI Camera

As mentioned in earlier posts, I'm now using a QSI 683 WSG camera for the main astrophotography work.  In order to fully use the capabilities of the camera and mount control, I also installed the Feathertouch FocusBoss II motor.

The new configuration simplifies the cabling from the ground to the telescope.  Only the 12V power cable (12 AWG with Powerpole connectors) and a USB cable are needed.  The rest of the cables are routed from the USB hub and power distribution block.  These last parts are mounted to a small metal plate that's screwed to the rings.  That allows some availability to move this assembly to another telescope as I want to change the focal length.

The series of pictures below shows how I've routed the too-long cables by wrapping them around the body of the scope as needed.  I have made attempts to keep the cables at an optimum length to allow for rotation of the camera while keeping them snug enough to avoid snags.

A closeup of the Powerpole distribution block.

The wide view of the scope assembly.
Note the eyelet routing the cables at the base of the QSI camera.

This view shows the USB hub.  It's able to handle 7-24V input.

This view shows the FocusBoss motor.
I remove the ethernet cable when stowing the scope.

The DewZapper gives multiple outputs for adding capacity
when using different scopes.