Unhappy SSAG

Last night I setup the gear for the first time in more than a month and the SSAG decided that it was time to get confused.

I've blown away the drivers several different ways and reinstalled.  Tried a different SSAG and had the same error, so it's something about my machine.

Only major thing different that I did was install software for the Starlight Express Lodestar x2 -- a hopeful replacement for the SSAG.  Alas, the Lodestar appears to be DOA, which is why I went back to the SSAG.

Ended up using the Win7 laptop which also had its own problems with the SSAG, but at least I could use the driver under The Sky X.  Maxim and PHD2 didn't want to load the camera.  I'm not loading the Lodestar software on the Win7 machine.

Very weird.

Anyhow, tonight is a Montebello night and maybe I can get it to work by then.