Home Made Spacer

Over the winter, I ruminated and fiddled with some different ideas during the El Nino rainy season.
One idea that I finally implemented was a spacer at the top of the DEC axis on the Losmandy G11 mount.

Note the non-anodized block of aluminum.  This is a 4 inch wide, 6 inch long, 1 inch thick block of 6061 aluminum to add a bit of clearance space on the top of the DEC axis.  The goal was to provide a little extra collision room around the motors on the default limits.

My worries about being able to drill the metal plate accurately enough to pass the bolts through it turned out to not be a problem once I drilled pilot holes after measuring carefully.  Since the holes have no need to be threaded, the precision needed was low.

It's worked very well so far.  Meridian flips have been easy and there is no opportunity for motor collisions.

Another benefit is that I can consider drilling and tapping more holes on this block for cable management.