Photo highlights from GSSP 2017

Objects in the mirror are larger than they appear
I saw this view on Thursday, note the telescope and mount in the rear view mirror.  I did score a small panel of aluminet to add to the gap between the car and the tent, making a nice sheltered area.

Ultra light entertainment
On Friday, a pilot flew around the site in their para-glider-plane.  I'd rather have this instead of a drone zipping about.  Still, they never flew over the campsites.  I like this picture because of Mt Shasta, the setting sun, and the backlit parachute.

LDN 673 Preview
A single luminance sub of the digital target, LDN 673.  This shows how dark the skies are at GSSP.

330 Ah
As I've done in the past, I try to keep one of these power meters running the whole time during a star party.  This is a habit that lets me know what the total power budget of the event was.  330 Amp hours - or just a little over 4 kW.  The prius power system saves a lot of hassle of battery management and charging.  The car used a little over 2 gallons of fuel.