Messier 27 from Calstar 2017

A quick and dirty processing of a data set from Calstar 2017.

It's been a long time since I finished an astrophoto.  I've not been happy with the data that I'd gathered at various locations including the backyard for several outings.  Finally, I decided to strip down to the basics and rebuild my process.  For this dataset, I tweaked guiding parameters to give longer correction pulses.  This improved the speed at which the setup recovers and thus there are more valid frames.  I also recentered the drawtube on the scope with using CCDInspector, improving off-axis star images.  I also rebuilt the automated focuser, improving gear mesh, giving more predictable and tighter focus.

Overall, this gave me a quick set of decent data to work with in Pix Insight.  I'd like to have more color in this image, and I may revist the steps to improve star color.

8 Red
6 Blue
8 Green
6 Lum

All subs 10 minutes

All data gathered from September 21 to 23, 2017.

Quick processing in PixInsight:
Preprocessing Script
DBE on merged RBG
Masked stretch to .125 average background, 250 iterations for RGB and Luminance.
L added to RGB.
Curves used to boost saturation.

Annotation script done on brighter objects.