11/11 Transit of Mercury

Weather perked up nicely for this event.  Cool with clear skies greeted the south bay and I was able to set up along the back side of the Olander office to watch as the sun rose above the tops of the trees to the east.

I was officially at work, so I bopped back and forth from my desk as I waited for the right time to see the sun.
Finally set up and started watching by 8 am. 

Mercury appeared as a small decimal point in the herschel wedge view.  No sunspots today, this was another transit that didn't feature much beyond the main event.

I went back into the office and ferried out staff to get them to see the spectacle.  I also snagged people as they came in for work.  Back and forth, getting two at a time, I finally was able to get everyone that wanted to see it.  I only missed Andrew and Dave.  I even had the chance to get a picture on my phone.

It's blurry, but it's mine and I won't see another transit for a long time.