Outdoor Education

I recently received a shot in the arm for observing enthusiasm.

Over the weekend, a couple of my nieces were visiting for a sleepover and they wanted to do a "night walk" where they get to bundle up and wear a bunch of flashing lights for a walk in the neighborhood after dark.

The oldest - 11 years - wanted to ask a ton of questions about the stars, which was great.

Lots of questions about which stars were part of the "pizza" and the "hook"

It was only through looking through their eyes that I realized that the night sky is filled with pizza slices.

We talked about what was happening with Betelgeuse and about Sirius, compared star colors, and spoke about stellar nurseries.

Later at home we looked through a couple of binoculars to see the stars up close while the marine layer quickly slid into the sky.  They were able to use the Vixen "owl eye" binocs and the 8x42 wide field binocs.

A reassuring outing in the dark where my knowledge of the night sky was seen as being useful and valued.