Last biggest lens

 I decided to pull the trigger on this last, big lens.

I believe that this will be the last big project that I can tackle.

It will push my skills to the limit and I expect that the first light will probably be in the summer or fall of 2024.  

I see that the Losmandy Titan is no longer available as a stand alone mount.  It exists only as an upgrade to the RA axis for a G11.  This might be the only option to support the project lens outside of Astro-Physics or Paramount hardware.

That being said, I will be putting the rest of the effort this year into:

1. Tweaking the performance of the existing mounts and large format setups to improve focus and tracking

2. Purging down underused gear and cables for astro and photography

3. Optimizing my camp setup to remove the use of unrequired luggage

4. Planning for the Eclipse trip

5. Testing the film Hypering with times and emulsion

6. Making a dark safe room to process plates and uncut sheet film.