What to call this next project?

Back Breaker?
Hernia Maker?
Last Straw?

I received the lens for the next project.  Arrived in great shape.  On first inspection, the glass is good, I don't see as much yellowing as I had expected.

Here's a quick view of the box size in the back of the prius

Once I put the lens into the shed, I needed to take some pictures for size.

With no sense of scale:

Now with a gallon of paint:

Now with a one quart Mason jar:

This is the picture provided by the seller showing the front optic.  The dots seem to be reflection of the LED panel.  The color is mostly from the reflection on the coating.  

Glass is 190mm in diameter.  Specs are 48 inch focal length, F6.  There appears to be a ring with f stops listed on outside of the lens.  I don't think the blades are still there.

First step will be to measure the outside and get custom rings made.  Once I have these, I can mount the lens and start taking measurements for backfocus and how much rise will be required to accommodate a film back.  

Rather than having bellows for the whole backfocus, I plan to get an aluminum tube to span most of the distance and then only put a wide angle bellows bag on the back to go to the rear standard.  It's possible that I may get another changing bag and just use that as the bellows rather than having a set made.

The longest dovetail bar I can get is 24 inches from Losmandy, so I'll need to make up the rest of the backfocus with a monorail.  The Toyo G rail works well and I will probably make that again.

I expect that the project will take at least 8 months to complete, possibly in time for next galaxy season.