Widefield is hard

Now I know why people don't use camera lenses a lot...

The image here is taken with my modified camera with a 165mm medium format lens.

It's nothing more than the STF from PixInsight of the stack after calibration and integration.  The cause of the red halos around the stars is unfocused near IR light.  Thus, the lens blurs the star images.  I was using the IDAS LPR filter with the setup and so this is part of the reason why the red shows up.

I will be trying one more shot at this image and not worry about getting full color.  Instead, I'm just going to use the Ha filter that I have.  I'll try it with the IDAS filter as well as without it.

I'm thinking that with the filter in place, I will see uniform performance of the lens across the field.

I'm also going to step up to the 200mm lens now that I found a way to rotate the camera on the support.