Barnard E on Tmax 400 at GSSP 2023

First lights with the 900mm f8

Cephus region on 4x5

First lights for new analog system

Big Astro Changes

Dissapointment from Calstar XX

Deep scans of E200 from MBOSP

Deeper scan of the Ektachrome 100

Ektachrome shootout: Expired E200 vs new E100

Acros at GSSP 2019

Acros vs Pancro 400 for Astrophotography

Notes from GSSP 2019

Spring 2019 - a break in the clouds

Lynds' Dark Nebula 673

Ektachrome at GSSP 2018

One E200 from GSSP 2016

Practicing for GSSP 2016

Crescent Nebula with Color Calibration

Digital Data from GSSP 2015

Processing Other People's Photos