Deeper scan of the Ektachrome 100

Here is a better look at the Ektachrome slide.

Good news:
The film scans well.  There is a lot of data deep in the shadows.  There is a green cast to the underexposed film, but this can easily be removed with PixInsight.  The well-exposed areas don't have this problem, so it's important to mask out these areas to just effect the dim stuff.

For a 20 minute exposure under poor skies, this is pretty good.

This picture won't win any awards.  There are too many technical faults that I see.

The strong Ha response really blows out the color balance.  I look forward to trying this film without a light pollution filter to see how well it does on a darker sky.  I played with bringing the saturation and luminance of the red colors down a bit in Lightroom.