Updating the FocusLynx software on XP

Crescent Nebula with Color Calibration

Crescent Nebula at GSSP 2015

Digital Data from GSSP 2015

Processing Other People's Photos

Black holes may not destroy information


Pluto backlit shows details

Post GSSP - First Report

Packing for GSSP 2015

M13 in Progress

GSSP 2015 Weather

Collimation Results

Pax Occults Star at GSSP

Preparing for GSSP 2015

Stanford with a Fisheye Lens

Film Processing

No new gas = no new stars

Pre XP

Replacement Lodestar

Guidecamera Update

Hello XP...

Unhappy SSAG

Fun Stuff from SV

Cable and Power Setup with QSI Camera

Linearity Test

Filter Offsets from CCDAutopilot

Rosette with the Pentax K10D DSLR

Sharpless 274 with the QSI 683

SH2 274 in Process

First Light

Focus and Tilt

Good news from Lick

Final thoughts from Calstar 2014

Digital Work from Calstar 2014

Calstar 2014 Rest of Week