Crescent Nebula with Color Calibration

I used the Spyder3 device to calibrate the monitor on the laptop.  I found that there is a very small cone for viewing where the calibration appears good to the eye.  The off-axis performance of the screen is lacking.  Now that this has been done, I can at least confirm colors.  The contrast is not so great, so I am unable to properly evaluate functions of noise reduction and clipping.  Thus, these tasks must be done on a separate system or on a different display.

In the meantime, I reloaded the files into PI and did the ColorCalibration step again.

This fixed a lot of the green color cast and made the pictures look much better than they were before.

I can see that there are big problems in the dim areas of the sky where the noise reduction dropped off too much data.  Also, I had a heavy hand on histogram stretching, clipping many of the stars.

For what it's worth, here are the modified images.

Crescent Nebula GSSP 2015 - Version 1