Post-Calstar 2014 Wrapup: Thursday

Post-Calstar 2014 Wrapup: Tuesday and Wednesday

Calstar 2014: Forecast Looking Good

The Countdown to Calstar 2014

Stripping Down the Gear

Sadr in Cygnus HaRGB

Epoxy to the Rescue

Losmandy G11 Gears and Stiction

Upgraded Camera Cooling

Full moon backyard testing

Selling on Astromart

Fixing Collimation on the SV4

Centering/Collimation Error

Trifid Nebula from MBOSP

Lagoon and Trifid at MBOSP

Post GSSP Maintenance

Some E200 Slides at GSSP 2014

Digital work at GSSP 2014

GSSP 2014 Slideshow

Kodak TriX 400 and Diafine at GSSP

Clouds and Rain at GSSP 2014

GSSP 2014 Weather Forecast

M13 from the Backyard

Camera Repair

JIT Problems

Orion ST80 Collimation

Killing time with the ST80, 85mm lenses, and GM8

GM8 No Longer Goto

Prep work for GSSP

GSSP 2014 is coming

Pentax Flashes

Drift Tool Android Development

SAC Abell 1656 at MBOSP

Whale of a time at MBOSP

Beating Flexure

Best Results Ever