Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Eclipse Timing

This is a screenshot from Eclipse Orchestrator software, showing the timing for the eclipse event near Madras, OR, where I will be camping during the event.

Final timing may be off by a second due to location, I expect that the final tweaks will be something I can do after arriving on site.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Eclipse Scripting

Auto Hot Key to the rescue

Because the automated scripting tools for the eclipse are only able to control Canon and Nikon cameras, I have to depend on tethering software for the Pentax camera to control it.

Alas, these software have their own limitations and are not scriptable.

Thus, I'm turning to Auto Hot Key to control the mouse and clicks.

Over the weekend, I was able to get my desktop computer to control the Pentax K1 via the Image Transmitter 2 software and AHK.  I found that a full 5 shot bracket exposure needs 6 seconds to complete.  What's also nice is that I can force the IT2 software to not download the picture, thus saving bandwidth.

Next step is to test the timing controls via this temporary script.

; Get target time in a format we can:
;  - compare (with "<")
; < comparison should be safe as long as both are in the *exact* same format.
; target_time is 2305 format

filter1timeS = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
filter1timeE = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
beads1timeS = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
beads1timeE = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
brackettimeS = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
brackettimeE = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
beads2timeS = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
beads2timeE = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
filter2timeS = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm
filter2timeE = %A_YYYY%%A_MM%%A_DD%%target_time ; 11:05 pm

send filtersettings ; set single frame shooting with appropriate fstop and shutter speed
while (A_Now >= filter1timeS and A_Now <= filter1timeE) ; this is first to second contact
{ ; send a picture click once a minute

 ; remove filters audio warning
; beads1
send beadsettings ; set continuous shooting speed to Low with appropriate fstop and shutter speedset beads
while (A_Now >= beads1timeS and A_Now <= beads1timeE) ; this is when first beads goes
{ ; spam beads
click ; at the start
click ; at the end, click again to stop the continuous shooting mode

send bracketsettings
while {A_Now >= brackettimeS and A_Now <= brackettimeE) ; this is totality
{ ; spam brackets
click every 6 seconds

; beads2
set beads ; set continuous shooting speed to Low with appropriate fstop and shutter speed
while (A_Now >= beads2timeS and A_Now <= beads2timeE) ; this is when second beads goes
{ ; spam beads
click ; at the start
click ; at the end, click again to stop the continuous shooting mode

 ; apply filters audio warning

while (A_Now >= filter2timeS and A_Now <= filter2timeE) ; this is 3rd to 4th contact
{ ; send a picture click once a minute

I'll still need to figure out the best time to build in slack to adjust the filters and to run an audio announcement.  I already have the time markers for the contact points, so that's easy to put into the script.   I'll also need to test this on the laptop to ensure that the timing is still correct.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Calstar 2017 Registration is Open

Go to the Camping and Accommodations page to find the link to register.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

April MBOSP Gravel Crunching

Back in April, the group got together for pizza and stars.

It was my first time setting the gear up since Calstar.

There were comets, supernovae, and pictures!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

PixInsight Benchmark

So I found out that there is a benchmark for PI.

Here are the numbers from my desktop.

The Official PixInsight Benchmark version 1.0
Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Pleiades Astrophoto. All Rights Reserved.

Benchmark version ...... 1.00.08
Input checksum ......... 2cd72b67e12fff2812ef5b5da054ab2a70a25e23
Serial number .......... 

CPU Identification
CPU vendor ............. AuthenticAMD
CPU model .............. AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor

System Information
Platform ............... Windows
Operating system ....... Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Core version ........... PixInsight Core (x64)
Logical processors ..... 8
Total memory size ...... 31.903 GiB

Execution Times
Total time ............. 03:12.77
CPU time ............... 01:19.72
Swap time .............. 01:53.01
Swap transfer rate ..... 146.667 MiB/s

Performance Indices
Total performance ...... 2440
CPU performance ........ 4748
Swap performance ....... 812

Additional Information
Swap disks ............. OCZ Agility 90 GB SSD
Motherboard ............ Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0
Machine description .... AMD FX 8350 home built


Benchmark has been recorded on 2017/07/08 10:04:13 UTC