Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stargazing at MBOSP with Mr Farrar

Taken on November 2 2016 on a night that started out clear but ended up getting murky and dewy before midnight.

Just a visual night using Rebecca's Comet Catcher on the GM8 for some go-to fun.

Stargazing with Mr Farrar

Spring MBOSP

The first new moon after the vernal equinox was organized by Casey.

It was good to shake the dust off and get the practice of setting up gear, fiddling with small screws in the darkness, and staring at computer screens seeking not-so-squiggly lines.

Cool to see through Andrew's new Obsession.  I think it's safe to say that the scope name fits!

The comet 41p was crazy dim.  Glad to see it, though!

I rolled up two canisters of ancient TriX to muck about.  Will develop them later this week and cross my fingers to see how they turn out!

Main goal for me was to try to get some test frames on a target with the automated SV4 and G11 setup.  I also wanted to replace the ring gear on the GM8, adjust the gear mesh, focus the mini-guider with the replacement SSAG, confirm that guiding works, and try to see if I can find an infinity focus with the 400 mm 67 lens with a yellow filter inside it.  

I did get a few good frames on a familiar target.  Here's a 10 minute Red exposure.