SH2 274 in Process

A view of the workspace in PI as I'm processing the data from SH2 274 AKA "Medusa Nebula."

I started gathering data before the new moon and up to first quarter.  Tried using 2x binning on color data but didn't like how it appeared afterwards.  Ended up using 1x binning for everything.

The windows seen here are still linear, post DBE, with just an unlinked STF for display purposes.

The RGB comes from 7 Blue, 9 Green, and 9 Red subs at 600 second durations.
The Luminance is from 15 subs also at 600 seconds.

I noticed gradients that needed to be flattened with DBE before this screenshot was taken.  The Luminance image needed to bring up the upper left corner.  This is either due to a bias from streetlights.  The RGB had a hot red spot in the middle, centered over the nebula.  I didn't think that this glow was from nebulosity as it was too evenly dispersed.  DBE removed both with minimal trouble.

At this point, I'm going to freeze the work progress to get some JIT learning regarding noise reduction in the linear state before the color and lum data are merged.