Ektachrome shootout: Expired E200 vs new E100

Title says it all.

A film test done at Montebello Open Space on Aug 31.  The skies were not dark as there was no marine layer.  The milky way was very faintly visible.

Both exposures are 20 minutes long at F5.6.  Focal length on one is 400mm, the other is 330 mm.

One is shot on 120 format, the other on 135 format.

One is 20 year old emulsion, the other is less than a year old.

Both are shot through the IDAS LPS D1 filters.

Can you guess which is which?

Look!  No airplanes!

Now with more purple!

I don't have the film in my hands yet.  When I do, I will be able to rescan and see how they look in person.  The magenta cast doesn't bother me.  I'm really pleased with how this looks and am excited shooting more under the dark skies of LSA and Calstar.

Here's the gear used:

Wireless option now available!

Mount: Losmandy GM8
Camera 1: Pentax LX loaded with Ektachrome 100
Lens: Stellarvue SV70 ED with William Optics .8 reducer flattener, giving 330mm focal length at f4.8.
Camera 2: Pentax 67 loaded with Ektachrome 200
Lens: Pentax  S-M-C Takumar 400 at f5.6
Filter: IDAS LPS D1

Guider: Lodestar x2
Guide scope-axis guiding through 200mm camera lens

Guiding software: TheSkyX