Comet Hyakutake

The great comet of 1996 came to light again recently, at least on my light table.

I uncovered some negatives recently that featured the appearance of the comet, likely at its peak in March of 1996.  The details on the images are sketchy regarding focal length and settings.  At least I know what camera and film were used!

1600 ISO at 50mm f2
200 ISO at 200mm f5 ish
Both were shot on my Pentax K1000.  The first was probably using the kit lens, a 50mm f2 most likely wide open.  The second was probably using the 200mm Sigma zoom that I had, operating at f5 ish.  Neither were guided, so I was expecting star trails.

Scanned using a method similar to the one in the earlier post, however, I made a light box to use a strobe.  I was getting strange results with the LED based panel and decided to go with a strobe for better balance.  It's also much easier to gel for color correction and I can dial up the brightness to better penetrate dark negatives.