More debugging and M16

Still working on the prize of a missing toenail which keeps me from GSSP.

Last two nights the marine layer has rolled in at 1 AM, stopping any further imaging effort.  At least I can add a few more darks to the library.

Interestingly, I've seen that the RA drift continues.  The mount runs slow - about 9 arcseconds per hour of drift.  This is the same pre and post meridian flip -- in the same direction.  No real variation due to gravity or the guiding settings.

It's down to hardware again.  I am swapping the RA cable with another one that I have in the hopes that it might be a resistance, crosstalk, or communication issue with the Gemini or the encoder.  If this does not save it, then I'll start learning the Gemini 1.  I'll swap the computer and build a quick model to try to make it work.

Here's what the M16 looks like now with 27 subs: