Flocking the SV4 - Part 2

After flocking

Looking down the business end of the scope, you can see the difference that the flocking paper makes.  Note how the paint inside the SV70ED reflects the text inside the dewshield.  Granted, this has different paint finish, still the lesson is learned.

The focuser is another challenge beaten.  The first shot of the focuser still on the scope shows how there's a bit left of the paper that needs to be rubbed around some edges.  I also needed to trim the edge along the bottom side to allow the flattener to fit cleanly.

In this last picture, I put a flash unit behind the focuser to better demonstrate how the paper will work.  The glint of shiny metal is gone.  Note the sliver of light under the "ST" of the logo.  That light is the leak around the drawtube.  Normally I wouldn't consider it to be a big deal, but why tempt fate?  There are so many flashing LEDs in a normal setup and I'm sure that reflections will eventually make the way inside.  Also, I've noticed that after blocking this gap with the old sock method, darks taken in daylight actually are usuable, so long as light on the camera body is avoided.

During this time, I refigured the bracket holding the camera in an effort to position the camera aligned with the center of the scope.  It's better than before.  I may still get into modifying the camera.

To come: Performance under the stars.