Nova in Delphinus

There's a new nova visible - found just two days ago.  It's still growing in brightness and at just about 6th manitude, it may become naked-eye visible soon.

I found the reference to the nova from a facebook post and then since I still had my gear set up from the Iris work, it was easy to try to get a few subs of the target.

The location is RA 20 23 31 DEC 20 46 04, near NGC 6905 (a nice planetary nebula).

The session was just three subs of 1200 seconds (my standard length).

I calibrated with a bunch of darks at 17C using a newly modified hot pixel mask in Maxim.

The PI process is much what Mike's Astronomy Page suggests.  I actually used the instructions noted by Manuel Jimenez a little blindly.  I learned a lot about what I can do and look forward to trying the process on the Iris project.

Here's what the results look like: