How it starts

Some backstory for reference:

I've been using the internet for quite some time, have owned the domain since 1997.  It's been on a managed box for a long time and then it moved over to Amazon's cloud and now it's living on Google Apps.  Things change as required.

My thoughts on online practices and social media have changed over the years as well.  Originally, I was open about sharing my information and even posted a resume directly on the web.  This was before web crawlers scraped sites for contact information.  Soon after I did this, spam became an issue and I found my resume details showing up in databases that I didn't authorize.

Thus I locked down.  It became a case of the cobbler's children wear no shoes.  Even as I was furthering a career using the tools of the internet, my public online presence became a bit of a cobweb in the corner.

It was only with my participation on Flickr that I started to break the silence.  It's a great resource for getting inspiration and growth of my photography.  I have used it as a touchstone for trends as well as showcasing some of the better work that I do.

Shortly afterwards, I finally signed up to LinkedIn and have kept that profile going.  It's mostly used as a milestone marker in my career and a tool to gather information on best practices in web marketing.

Later, my family and friends used Facebook extensively and I slowly opened up to using that tool. I primarily use it as a tool to share with my circle and not as a promotion device. 

In the crash of the Amazon host and subsequent move to Google I've decided to dip another toe into the social media world with this blog. 

What to expect:
Background on photo-oriented projects beyond what I want to discuss on flickr.
Tracking of my trends.
Details on milestones, projects, and plans.

~ Stephen