Flocking the SV4 - Part 3

After Use Report

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See Part 2 here.

I finally had the chance to get the scope out under the backyard stars since I'd flocked it.
The final result is promising!

Small challenge happened along the way.  Once I'd gotten polar aligned and focused, I happened to look down the front of the scope and was dismayed to see the small strips of flocking material I'd put on it to cover some gaps had fallen down.  The heat in the shed appears to have softened the adhesive and thus the strips fell away, blocking part of the light path.

Since I was still at home, I pulled the scope off the mount and brought it inside - even with the risk of fogging the glass - to set things right.  Working quietly and quickly, I stripped the unit and then pushed the dew shield back to unscrew the lens cell.  Once exposed, I could pull out the offending bits and toss them aside.

Everything went back together and I had to realign the camera with the guidescope again since things had shifted.

I am very happy to say that the flare from off the side is not as much of a problem now: