Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Scanner Frustrations

The scanner complained again yesterday while finishing up another film strip. 

The symptom is that the moving tray seizes and the motors whine and chatter.  Usually power cycling the scanner while holding it upside down or on its end helps unstick the tray.  However, this time, no such luck.  Once it did finally stop complaining, the film trays are no longer loaded and recognized; they pass completely through the unit, never stopping.  I think a sensor that is supposed to register the carrier must be offline.

I will speak with an FAE later today.

My first thought is to skip the film astrophotography at Calstar this year out of frustration.

I realize that this is just a temporary setback and it's better to use the film rather than waiting until next year.  I can always leave it in a binder until I'm able to scan again.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Looking ahead to Calstar 2016

Weather looks hot and clear.

Good for several days of imaging.

Haven't set up the scope since GSSP, so I'm out of practice.

Monday, July 11, 2016

One E200 from GSSP 2016

NGC7000: 40 minutes at F5.6.  400mm EDIF. No push in processing.
I got the color rolls developed at the Darkroom last week.  On the preview of the E200, I see that the film looks good.  Exposures could have been better, but if longer, the stars would have bloated more.
Also, focus was off on a few frames, may have been operator error, plus the fact that I couldn't see the screen in the dark (I forgot the loupe viewfinder).  Lastly, frames from the first night were trailed due to poor gear mesh in DEC.

This frame was from Friday night.

I have a new batch of Xtol to mix up and will see how the black and white looks.