Monday, July 11, 2016

One E200 from GSSP 2016

NGC7000: 40 minutes at F5.6.  400mm EDIF. No push in processing.
I got the color rolls developed at the Darkroom last week.  On the preview of the E200, I see that the film looks good.  Exposures could have been better, but if longer, the stars would have bloated more.
Also, focus was off on a few frames, may have been operator error, plus the fact that I couldn't see the screen in the dark (I forgot the loupe viewfinder).  Lastly, frames from the first night were trailed due to poor gear mesh in DEC.

This frame was from Friday night.

I have a new batch of Xtol to mix up and will see how the black and white looks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

400mm and Film

Planning to burn through some Acros and E200 during GSSP 2016.

Targets in mind:

  • Rho Ophiuchus region
  • Pipe Nebula
  • Snake Nebula
  • M23 star field
  • Triple E
  • Sadr to Deneb
  • IC 1396
  • Veil

This should allow me to run through a roll each night, planning on shooting at F5.6 for 40 minutes.

The apparatus shown above weighs 33.5 lbs.  Just slightly overweight for the GM8.